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Cursed Back Button, Winnie The Pooh … GET!

Before you start watching, click play and listen to the music.

I’d just writen a long blog entry, but somehow I’d clicked the back button and now it’s all sodding gone! I’m not going to write it all out again, I really can’t be arsed so here’s a summary of what I did write, and will continue normally at the bottom.

  • You’re listening to Life is Like a Beach by Rie Fu – I’ve come to think of it as my theme song.
  • On Wednesday realised was just wasting time by coming home and not doing anything nightly.
  • Went out drinking.
  • Went to darts bar in Umeda where I (and a friend) played darts and spoke in Japanese constantly.
  • Came home at 4 am instead of studying for big religion exam.
  • Bombed Japanese kanji quiz (that’s bad).
  • With a loss of motivation, I didn’t study for the religion exam and slept instead.
  • Finished writing exam 15 minutes into it.
  • Came home and slept.

So today we had our weekly Japanese language test and I’m almost certain of failing that also. My lack of motivation to study hasn’t just limited itself to religion. Afterward I went and hung out in the Ajisai room where a friend and I made a little game out of flicking 1 yen (0.8p) coins into a box. Sounds boring but it actually became quite interesting, with me kicking buttock left, right and … hmm … three buttocks … ok, not centre.

On the way home a few of us stopped by an arcade where we spent (blew) some money on some games of DDR (Dance Dance Revolution), Time Crisis 3, some guitar game (not Guitar Hero T_T) and UFO Grabbers. I left the arcade with a new 3 inch tall Winnie The Pooh, dressed as James P. “Sulley” Sullivan (Monsters Inc), after spending … not too much money on it. Oh! And we 太鼓の達人 (taiko no tatsujin, Taiko Master), an awesomely cute drumming game.

The plan for the night is to go out and have some fun. We’ve got mid-terms next week and since I can’t go out and have fun on Sunday night, we’ll do it tonight instead. Finally a hello to Lauren, a fellow Osakan, who’s looking for the Osaka Monopoly.