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Another 2 Boxes From Japan

The speed at which these packages I sent from Japan never ceases to amaze me. I looked at my receipts from them today and looking at the dates sent and how quick the first box came, I came to the conclusion that it’d be another two weeks or so before I saw the next box.

That was until this afternoon when a Parcelforce van came by with not one, but two of my boxes. These two (the second and third sent packages from Japan) were sent on the 11th and 12th of May, arriving in just 1 month and 15 (and 14) days, half the time of the 3 months I was told when I sent them off. The next package I sent was two days later on the 14th of May, but because I’m incredibly pesimistic (and because it’s the weekend) I’m not expecting it to arrive in two days time. The next package is my Osaka version of Monopoly.