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I’ve always enjoyed cartoons ever since I was a kid. It wasn’t until I started working on the Isle of Wight that I played a little bit with animation software, and found that I really enjoyed making my own cartoons … time consuming as it can be.

The ElementsThe Elements Song

An animation to the classic Tom Lehrer song ‘The Elements‘. Filled with mini interesting extras for people in the know (not just that the mentioned element being shown in action), and I’ll be sure to make a list one day.
Starring Chris Alassal as the Professor.
This was LSTV (Leeds Student Television)’s entry into the 2011 NaSTA Awards for the Animation Category.
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Learn With AnnaLearn With Anna

A short learning animation where you learn one Japanese phrase, based on classic kids’ shows.
Meet Anna. I young girl who wants to learn something new every day. In this show Anna learns how to introduce herself in Japanese, as well as realising there are some Japanese words she already knew.
I based this largely on the old simple educational shows that we had back in my day, so I hope that feel comes across to you.
Starring Wushubabe as the Narrator.
For those who want to know what she’s saying when she’s showing off, it’s roughly “Of course. It seems I’ve become good at Japanese quickly. Thank you Ms Narrator.”
This was LSTV (Leeds Student Television)’s entry into the 2010 NaSTA Awards for the Animation Category.
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my-brotherMy Brother

I’d been wanting to animate one of Martyn Davis‘ songs since I first heard his music. Coincidentally it was my brother, Mike, who is the link between us. Obvious influences in this are cute styles of anime and manga, and all locations are from actual photographs I took on various trips to and through London. This was part of my final college project which was exhibited at Shrewsbury College of Art & Technology. I’m the first to admit I’m not the best artist in the world, but try to look past the wiggly lines and follow the story.
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My first flash music video. This was also an attempt to raise the profile of the important social issue of drink driving and how it can affect families. A nice simple styled animation, with music from Green Day (Good Riddance), this was done for a project at college. The brief was just to make an animation of at least 30 seconds. As you can see I went a little bit overboard.
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