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Friday the 13th? I Had No Idea

So it’s Friday the 13th, again, but to be honest with the exception of the crummy weather and oversleeping on a train causing me to be late for class, nothing really bad has happened. To tell the truth if it wasn’t for me looking at Sam and Dave‘s schedule for tonight I wouldn’t have even realised. Though in Japan the number 13 isn’t really considered unlucky like it is in Britain.

Still debating whether or not to go out for a laugh tonight or not. I don’t really want to go to Shinsaibashi where the vast majority of nightclubs are, so I want to stick to good old Umeda. This way if I get bored (or too drunk) I don’t have to dick about waiting for the first train at about 4.30 am. The trouble with this (besides the aforementioned rain) is that Umeda isn’t a club central kind of place. Sure there’re boozers, but they’re not quite ‘nightclub’, you know?

Basically my choices come down to Sam and Dave, where they’re having a costume party (don’t really fancy that), or a club called Explosion which is, hmm how do I put this, gay (not to mention the drinks apparently cost an arm and a leg). I don’t mean that insultingly, just that it’s actually a gay club (don’t really fancy that either. Other option is another night in with a can of Asahi beer.

So while I stay at home tonight, let’s have a tune. I was going to put Gay Bar by Electric Six, but thought the video was a bit too … Lincoln. So instead here’s that infamous Bush-Blair version.