Because I’m The Goddess – Volume 1



6 Jan 07

Because I’m The Goddess is the story of Pandora, a beautiful but somewhats dim Goddess sent to Earth to collect ‘gifts’ to teach humanity to once again fear the Gods. Pandora is aided on this adventure by Mattsun, a genderless cat-type creature who doesn’t seem to help her very often. Pandora meets a young man named Aoi who, after accidentally getting Pandora to destroy a city and also getting a mob of lovesick men to kill him (don’t worry folks, he comes back), offers to protect her and help her. Though he is not attracted to Pandora’s physically charm like all the other men are, and he even despises girls like her.

In the first issue the storyline itself is very easy to follow and understand. That being said there are many moments where the main characters do confuse each other. Aoi especially becomes the victim of many a confusing moment when he tries to learn about their quest. As a Goddess, Pandora does have special powers. When trying to capture a gift she can transform Aoi’s spirit into any tool, although when he is first transformed into a pair of clippers he thinks Pandora has had him killed…again. She also has the power to grant wishes, but when one of these is fulfilled, she is transformed into a powerless little girl, and only a kiss from Aoi can turn her back into her stunning Goddess form.

This manga comes with an Older Teen rating, due to it’s graphic content. There’re lots of boob shots, but nothing too sexual. Still that being said, it’s probably something you wouldn’t read at your Grandmothers house as there is still the occaisional ‘accidental’ grab moment. These images aren’t here as meagre fan-service, however. For our busty heroine to do her job correctly she needs to be very suductive to the men in the novel an have a body to match, but it has been drawn very well and not ‘trashy’. However, for someone very new to manga, picking this up off the shelf may seem to confirm the stereotype of manga just being about cleavege. But if they were to read the story, they’d find Because I’m The Goddess is about more than just a large chested blonde.

It does also contain some fantastic comedic content, and some brilliant sarcasm from Mattsun. When Pandora gets jealous about anyone getting too close to Aoi (including his former tutor and a guy!), she does get all stroppy and clingy, and this results in total hilarity.

This manga also comes with a little featurette at the end by it’s artist, Shamneko, talking about how the idea for Because I’m The Goddess came to be. This was a manga that I did really enjoy and get a kick out of and I will be in line to get following books in the series.

Because I’m The Goddess will be out soon, so keep pressuring your favourite bookstores to stock it!

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