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Moved Again

Well I’ve moved out of the office accommodation and have been settling in to my new apartment and getting to grips with my new job. So let’s start with an appropritate (ish) tune.

So why a song about living “Up there”? Well, my apartment is located on the top floor of the block. The fifth floor … with no lift … and the stairs are outside … so  it’s wet when it rains.

Not only rain ... but the FIFTH floor too?

I’m not complaining, I chose the place (I had the option of going on the fourth floor but it was a tad more expensive) and have been getting a lot of exercise simply coming and going. Not to mention the initial move-in (which is still kinda going on) gave me, and my two mates, lots of exercise.

I live right next to Ikea. To some that’s a blessing. To others it’s blood-boiling. To me, it’s like living near Brian Blessed. I like it, personally, but it is a bit loud.

Brian Blessed has a confoozed...

There are many other things I live near that I could go on about, such as one of the Starbucks … Starbuckses … Starbucksies … Starbucks’ … Starbucculosos … anyway, one of those coffee shops I mentioned in my last post, but I’ll save that lot for future entries.