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Darlo’s Apple Berry Juice Ball Recipe

Ok, first thing’s first. Most of the links in this recipe for ingredients are going to point to Yoyo Market, the online store that I happen to presently work for. Though this is not a blog entry I’m being paid to do, and there are other companies where you can buy these ingredients online, I just wanted to get that out of the way early. Moving on.

Most people know I’m neither a cook nor a particularly healthy eater. I’m often known to choose fruit flavoured sweets over actual fruit, especially here in Japan where fruit is pretty expensive. That being said I do love juices, so here’s a recipe I came up with the other night with sme ingredients I bought from Costco.

Making my mixed fruit drink is very easy!

Here’s what you need for two and a bit juice balls.

I bought my Blender from a shop called Mr Maxx

That’s it, that’s all you need. Throw the berries in the blender and add one of the bottle of juice. Blend it until all the berries have been … blended? Yeah let’s go with that. Add the second bottle and let it blend until you feel it’s ready.

Stick them in the fridge … or drink them right away!

That’s it, you’re done! Now take the empty bottle and refill them with your delicious apple berry juice. Now because science and math are the way they are, you’re going to be left with more drink than will fit in the two bottles. So just grab a glass and enjoy your raspberry, bueberry, blackberry and apple juice concoction.