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Guess It Takes A Little Time

Hello! Ok, about the song, I just looked on Youtube for a video with the words Takes Time in the title. I’m actually sat in a building in Shimonoseki city with my speakers down low, so I’ve not actually listened to the song … hope it works. It’s by Amy Grant and is called Takes a Little Time.

I know most of the people reading this have been following my antics and escapades on Twitter and Facebook, but I want to come back to the blog.

So what’s taken me so long? Well, to be perfectly honest I have no idea. I can’t say that I was having way too much fun and excitement to write anything, because I’ve had the time. In fact often I’m sat on my arse at home with nothing to do thinking “hmm … I could write a blog post”, but then end up just googling something weird with the telly on in the background.

That being said, don’t think I’ve not had my share of adventures. There’ve been sake festivals, national sports competition, me shaving off my beard, the war of the insects, visits to various places, trying to buy things online, and of course keeping up with my Japanese.

But I guess rather than try to given detailed explanations of each of those I’ll just show you a picture of me taken yesterday, and say “see you next time”.

Bushi Darlo
Possibly the last of the British Samurais

See you next time!