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9 June

Last night was one of those dreams that is so bizarre, so detailed, so real and so long that you wake up so confused about what you have or have not just done.

#sleep #dreams #dreaming #wakeup #confused #sleep #nightcap #夢 #寝る #ベッド #bed #混雑 #whatdidido

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Here's a random little item from Instagram ...
Some coding languages/software I like to play with ...
※ HTML, CSS, Javascript/JQuery, PHP, SQLite, AutoHotKey, APIs (eBay, Twitter, Facebook/Instagram), Wordpress, Moveable Type. Hopefully this list will get longer in time!
Also check out these friends, artists and other cool sites ...
  • Humble Bundle
  • Hezachan (Cosplayer)
  • Japan Association of Axe Throwers
  • Sweatdrop Studios
  • FC Baleine Shimonoseki
  • Mandarake
  • Sonia Leong (🖌)
  • Michi no Eki Kitaurakaido Hohoku

Fun Fact Number 7: Darlo prefers even numbers to odd numbers, but will make an exception for numbers ending in 5.