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27 May

Mouth ulcers always suck, especially when they’re in that one spot ... gah ... what’s it called ... it’s right on the top of my tongue ... But seriously these last few days have really sucked.

#ulcer #mouth #mouthulcer #tongue #evil #pain #panic

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Some coding languages/software I like to play with ...
※ HTML, CSS, Javascript/JQuery, PHP, SQLite, AutoHotKey, APIs (eBay, Twitter, Facebook/Instagram). Hopefully this list will get longer in time!
Also check out these friends, artists and other cool sites ...
  • Sweatdrop Studios
  • Hezachan (Cosplayer)
  • Japan Association of Axe Throwers
  • FC Baleine Shimonoseki
  • Humble Bundle
  • Mandarake
  • Sonia Leong (🖌)
  • Michi no Eki Kitaurakaido Hohoku

Fun Fact Number 9: Darlo once lived in a porta-loo for a week as part of a radio contest to win a car. He came second.