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Goodbye Telford (again)

Yesterday I took the last of my things from Telford and made my last trip to Leeds, never to return … well ‘never’ is a bit of a strong word, let’s just say I won’t be back for a bit. Already I can feel my ears adjust to a quieter environment, which is weird when you consider I’m smack bang (20 minutes walk) from a city center. At the moment most of my mates from Leeds are either in Japan (those lucky sons of bi … urm) or at home, so it’s quite lonesome. This emphasised somewhat by the fact I’m in a 5 bed house alone, but with no queue for the shower it does have it’s advantages.

I’ve already hit my old pizza place and made use of the great (well, not bad) Leeds free city bus, but this time around I want to actually take a real bus at some point. Actually that’s not so much want, but need to. I haven’t brought a car with me this time because of what happened to the last one. I know it’s wrong to blame an entire city for what happened to it, but since I’m living pretty close to where I was before I didn’t fancy risking it either way.

On the subject of unfortunate things, my beloved television that I bought with my paper round money when I was 14 (I’m 25 now) and has travelled with me on many adventures (not to Japan though), has finally died. At some point between leaving Telford and arriving in my new room in Leeds, it suffered damage to the power button and won’t turn on. It’s also making strange ‘ticking’ noises when I try to power up. It’s gutting I know, but I know I will have to move on (and get a new TV).

So what happens now for this Anglo-Carribbean student of Japanese in Yorkshire? Tomorrow I’m off to the Parkinson Building to work on my Japanese, and also write up my final report of my year of studying at Konan University. Why not tonight I hear you (Simon) ask? Because I’m gonna pop t’ pub.

So I’ll leave you with something weird; the cast from Spongebob dubbing three classic films (Godfather, Singing in the Rain & Casablanca).