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Rescued From Starvation

Since coming back to the UK I’ve felt my life has been missing something. A sense of Japaneseness? The chance to speak the Japanese language? Being able to talk and hang out with a Japanese person? Well I’m happy to say that today I has been my most ‘Japanese’ day since I came back home.

It started with me getting up at about lunchtime. Admitadly this isn’t something typically Japanese, but most if not all of my Saturdays would start with me awakening in my Osaka dorm room at about this time. I also didn’t get woken up to the sound of a little boy playing Animal Crossing on the Wii, but the nice warm weather coming through the window was reminiscent of an Umeda morning.

I started the day watching NHK World TV on Sky (channel 516) and enjoyed shows such as Science Zero, Earth Watcher, Newsline, My Private Tokyo, Four Seasons In Japan and Exclusive Gardens of Kyoto. Most of these shows were very short and in dubbed English, but still gave me a bit more insight into various aspects of Japan. I know that there are some shows aimed at learning Japanese language and culture, but I didn’t see those today.

This was followed by a trip to Shrewsbury to a shop called Setonaikai. Setonaikai is a specialist Japanese food shop with a wide range of oriental goodies. My family has been wanting to try takoyaki ever since I’d mentioned it in my blog, so we went here to get some ingredients. When there I was thrilled to have the chance to speak in Japanese again, something I’ve not been able to do since coming back (with the exception of when I saw my one teacher in Leeds). I can only compare it to being rescued from starving and being given a nice hot meal.