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April Fools!

Well today’s April Fools Day, that is to say it was, before midday. First off I know I’ve been a bit slow about updating this, but if you think that’s bad I’ve not updated the Japanese Site in a much longer time.

To be honest I really don’t know what to write about. I could talk about how it’s the Easter holidays at Uni so we have a month off, however we’ve still got lots of work to do during this break period. I could talk about how I went home to Shropshire for a week to get harrassed and abused by over affectionate kittens night after night. I could talk about some of the things I’ve recently came into possession of, such as a novel about it becoming illegal to be fat in the UK. But the fact is I don’t think I will. ^_^

But there are two things I will talk about. First of all if any of you out there are planning on sending things to Japan (or vice-versa) by surface mail (aka the slowest and cheapest option), then do remember that it will take a very long time. Around christmas I sent some chocolates over to Japan and have been told this week that they have just arrived. So keep those patience hats on people!

Secondly, as I said before today was April Fool’s Day and as such a time when people play practical jokes on one another, or, as is the case in Japan, tell each other lies. Early this morning I decided too to have a bit of fun with one of my friends who hadn’t realised what day it was who I was chatting to online. I was originally going to copy & paste the conversation here, but unfortunately have just realised I forgot to save the bloody thing.

So here’s the jist of it.

Me: “Oh by the way, I have some news but it’s quite secret for now so keep it under your hat”
Friend: “Go on?”
Me: “I got engaged.”
Friend: “What??? How, when?”
Me: “There’s a girl here on an exchange year, similar to what I did in Japan, and we’ve been going out for a while. The other day we had a random discussions about weddings and how they were done in her home town of Laiton. Then the next day I proposed.”
Friend: “Wow that’s awesome!”
Me: “Well like I said keep it a secret for now, there’s a lot of paper work and red tape involved with foreigners getting married in Laiton. Actually, if you go on facebook you can see her profile. Her name’s Eipuriru Fuuruzu, pronounced “April Fools” ^_^”
Friend: “You bastard!”

Yeah, ain’t I a stinker!