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Konan University Exchange Program

So the current first years at Leeds Uni have discovered where they’ll be taking a year of study and it had me thinking of when I first got the news I was going to Konan Uni. I had no idea what it was like, what kind of classes there were, what students thought of it etc. A few students I’ve had the pleasure of meeting kept an online blog going while they were there, myself included right here, so I thought I would share links to those blogs just to help give the new guys an idea of what they might be up for.

last updated 3rd May 2010

Year-in-Japan Program at Konan University (Facebook Group)

Jayson O’Reilly – Leeds student studying at Konan who’s said you can contact him if you have any questions Facebook Profile
Kansaibence (US) (Starts here)

Darlo’s World (UK) (September to February starts HERE, February onward starts HERE.)
I Think I’m Turning Japanese (US) (Starts HERE with a general review HERE)
Fabian Fier (Germany) (Starts HERE)
A German Physicist In Japan (Germany) (Starts HERE)
Spirited Away To Japan (US) (Starts HERE)
Red Sunset XIII (US) (Starts HERE)
My Year In The Land Of The Rising Sun (US) (Starts HERE)