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It’s Just Around The Corner

With one more day of lessons left, conveniently a day with just one lesson, it’s pretty fair to say that the Winter break is just around the corner.

Just around the corner by ~xXxFucked-UpxXx on deviantART

It seems I’ve been spending a lot of random time in London lately; participating in the UK Rock Paper Scissors Championships, handing in my application for a job in Japan, taking the Japanese Language Proficiency Test. But, much to my parents pleasure I’m sure, I wasn’t involved in the recent ‘student’ activity in the capital. It is unfortunate that the cost of going to University will rise, but at least loans and grants are still there for us poor saps, and I’m just thankful I’m supposed to graduate this year.

Even George is a bit curious about what I'm up to.

So what are my plans for the long awaited winter break?

Well to be honest I’m not planning on venturing out an awful lot. Going out means (generally speaking) money spent. I will be heading back to Telford at some point for a few days, but will definately be venturing back up to Leeds before New Year.

On Sunday I have a Poker Tournament at the Alea Casino, something I’m really looking forward to. As normal my game plan will simply be “don’t be that pillock who’s out first”, though I guess I’ll have to wait and see on that one.

There are many project that need my attention aswell so I want to be able to spend a bit of time on those.

Of course studying and preparing for the January exams will be high on my list, as well as making a start on my dreaded dissertation. 8,000 words to write, give or take 10%. So I guess I’d better get off my arse and make a start on something. Catch You later.