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It’s All Over, and Yet, It’s Just Beginning

So, let’s get this blog going. Yesterday I bought, started and completed (finally) Portal. As the end song kinda fits the theme of this entry, I thought I’d use it as a little background music. The animation accompanying it is by Scott Ramsoomair with the actual song being written by Jonathan Coulton and sung by Ellen McLain.

So I am now back in Telford and have just over two weeks left until I head to Japan. Last week was the London Orientation for the JET Programme where we were told moer about the programme itself, met the other UK participants, and had some Japanese language classes. It was really good to meet the other guys, especially those who will be joining me in Yamaguchi Prefecture. I now know more specifically where in Yamauchi I’ll be, the village of Takibe.

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Monday marked my official graduation from Leeds University. Though I already knew my marks beforehand, I still didn’t want to believe it until I had the paper in my hand. Some marks were close to failing, especially my Japanese written module which could have held a lot of problems had I failed, but thanks to some higher marks in other modules I was able to finish with an Upper Second Class with Honours degree (aka a 2:1). If you’d like to watch my ceremony online, click here. Don’t be shocked though, for reasons unknown (and yes I did ask many staff members and google’d it) Leeds University graduates (first degree that is) don’t wear the hat!

So what now for me? Well as I say I’m back in Telford now, after having to say “see you later” to a lot of good friends, reminding them we can still stay in touch through Twitter and the like. Since I’ll be heading to Japan and not taking all of my belongings with me, I’m on a bit of a mission to try and sell as much of my stuff as I possibly can. I’ve already sold a few things, but if you’d like to have a look and what I’m flogging, have a look at this list, and please share it with your friends. Besides that, guess who’ll be doing a carboot sale this weekend!

Return of the Car Boot
Return of the Car Boot