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It’s a Bit Nippy Up In Leeds

So the temperature up in Leeds has dropped somewhats, and along with me having to do a complete factory reset on my laptop, I’ve now had to faff about in fairly deep snow if I want to go outside. Those of you who follow me on facebook will have already seen the little video I whacked on there from my webcam, but on my way about town and through Hyde Park today I took a few pictures for all to see. Now this is how many people would like to see Christmas.

The graveyard at university really reminds me of A Christmas Carol.

The view from my bedroom. Last night this poor lamp post was hit by a car and a rubbish collection truck.

The road towards Leeds city centre looks a bit bleak.

Glad I wasn’t under any trees when they shed their loads.

Hyde Park was the deepest snow area I walked through, with areas of virgin snow coming to just a few inches under my knee caps.

In yonder distance yee can see, a humble snowman who hath yet to be.

These guys were making an igloo. On my way back it was really impressive, but I didn’t want to take my camera out as the snow was coming down heavy again.

I shall name him … (looks around room to found a random and somewhat obscure name) … Leopold.

This may look like a spherical sculture covered with snow, but I can tell you this … I don’t remember it being there a couple of days ago (recent … ish … google maps pic), and there was a mysterious looking trail of missing snow, grass and mud leading to it from the park.

Evergreen trees … the laziest of all.

This little house and garden area really go well with a snowy environment.

The Queen Vic.