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Back From Leeds

Marks and Spencer's Exhibition at Leeds University
Marks and Spencer's Exhibition at Leeds University
Back from my couple of days in Leeds househunting and realised how much easier it is to study there than in Telford. Not that I was there studying, but after a conversation in Japanese after bumping into one of my teachers I realised how much I’d forgotten this last couple of weeks due to lack of practice.

We scheduled three viewings on Tuesday and dropped into three couple of larger complexes on Wednesday. Some places were absolutely stunning and others not quite so, and one seemed more like a hotel but that also had a £135 per week price label.

Sorry if this is a short post, but I find I’m not really in a writing mood. So I’ll just summarise.

Leeds was fun, National Express coaches new seatbelts suck big time, megabus was fine, the Etap hotel was cheap but not neccesarily bad, bumped into one of my Japanese teachers and spoke awful Japanese (too many days without practice), saw a Marks and Spencer’s exhibition in the Uni’s Parkinson Building, late night last night followed by a late waking up, now watching Krod Mandoon and the Flaming Sword of Fire on BBC2 … not bad.