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Update, my bad >_

So once again it’s been a few days since my recent blog entry. My bad, once again I’ve been quite busy. As I type though, I’m currently uploading some more pictures to the Blogspot picture journal, so be sure to check it out. This is probably the first time I’ve written an entry straight from Uni, at the moment I’m in the main room that the international students hang out in, as well as many Japanese students, ‘The Ajisai Room’. It’s not the biggest place ever, and when a lot of the north american students congregate here it can get incredibly noisy. That isn’t to say we Europeans don’t make any noise, it’s just that it’s normally overshadowed. Still, it’s normally a pretty friendly and relaxing place.

My business presentation on Wednesday was a big flop. Most of my ideas, that seemed like good ideas at the time, I realised were absolutely crap. It’s just too bad I didn’t realise this before I was standing infront of the group giving out random words I didn’t really understand like an overgenerous mother giving out seconds on pudding. Setting that aside, yesterday we had to give a presentation (a group of 4 of us) for Linguistics. Even though our time between gathering data and presenting it was short (the only time we managed to get together before giving it was 10 minutes before presentation time), I think we managed to pull it off. That is to say I hope we managed to.

Tutoring was fun, admitadly I only had one student come for help and I didn’t know much about the topic he needed help with (Economics), but working together we managed to accomplish his goal. I’ll be back on Monday if anyone needs some help ^_^.

Tonight we’re going out for a bit of a shindig with the dorm-supporters, and I think the Brothers & Sisters have also been invited, so hopefully I’ll get some more cool photos then. Tomorrow morning the business class are going to a Whiskey factory. For some of these guys (who aren’t legally allowed to drink until 21 in their respective countries), this could be an … experience. Then Monday marks the start of mid-terms, so I’ll be (trying to) studying over the weekend, good luck to me eh!