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By The Way, Could You …

As an ALT, being flexible is a must.

Often it’s the case where you arrive at one of your schools and what you’ve planned for has been changed without you knowing. It happens.

It also might be the case where upon your arrival you’re presented with a challenge to perform some task in a very short amount of time. It happens.

I’m not complaining, nor do I see this kind of event as neccessarily a bad thing. Things often change regardless of what plans you may have. Sudden requests can appear out of nowhere. Not just in the workplace but in life in general. Though they can be bothersome, think of them as a way to keep you on your toes.

So why am I writing this if I’m not complaining? Well, I just wanted to show off one of my sudden requests.

Make a banner with your name and birthday

When's your birthday?
When’s your birthday?

I had about five minutes in total, with the result being not too bad.

Oh! And also don’t be afraid to have a crack at repairing a broken laminator if you think it’ll help people (especially if it broke via natural causes under your use).

It turns out the motor had died.
It turns out the motor had died.