I Love Coincidences

I love coincidences. Especially when they border on the side of creepy. Like when I go into a bookshop and without realising I’m face to face with a book I’m after. Or how, back in Leeds, I accidentally bumped into one of my teachers from Japan. And don’t get me started on how all of my previous GPs seem to have the same first name – “Doctor”. Creepy!

Last Tuesday night (18th June) I had a very realistic dream. I dreamt that I was at my parents home in the UK, but it was still Japan. I was in bug-hunting season, similar to how I was after my arrival in Japan, and was armed to the teeth with rolled up magazines and poisons. Sat in the living room, I noticed movement from behind a wall panel out the corner of my eye. I turned and saw something poking out, as if taking a cheeky glimpse to see if it was safe. It went back behind the panel, and another similar thing poked out the other side. This went on for a minute.

Trying to position myself to destroy whatever monster bug was hiding behind the panel, I held a can of poison spray in each hand, and slowly put on some massive shoes. Just as I’d slid the second one on, two very fast dark shadows emerged from the wall panel and darted toward the door. They didn’t go fast enough and seemed to take cover under an upturned box, while I stood over it ready to strike.

Once again, something poked out. But this time I could clearly see that it wasn’t a bug, but a small turtle (or possible a tortoise, I won’t lie I don’t know the difference). I lifted the box and there were two small turtles, looking up at me. Turtles are one of my favourite animals, so their execution was definately called off. One of them made a run the the door, while the other stayed still, gazing at me. It called out to the one that ran, telling it that I wasn’t a threat.

Yeah … they could speak English.

The turtles, named Techan and Tetchan (actually they may have been terrapins), and I talked for a long time about … hmm … I can’t actually remember. But it must have been a really deep conversation, as when it was time for them to go I was genuinely saddened. I showed them to the driveway at the front of the house (which for some reason was covered in lilipads), and they slowly dissapeared.

Sad at having said goodbye to two good friends, my brother stepped in to offer some words of support.

“They’re probably dead by now, you know.”

I woke up, well, half woke up, and still felt kind of upset about my friends leaving. In my state of half-asleepness I also wrote out a harshly worded facebook post to my brother telling him … well, unpleasantries. Thankfully I woke up properly before I sent it.

A few hours later I was awake and driving to one of my elementary schools. After one of the lessons, a student came up to me and handed me two pieces of origami.

“Here you are” she said, using the English that she’d learned with a smile that was infectiously warming.

I looked down at what was in my hand.

I love coincidences.

PS! I also want to point out that this is the only one of my schools that actually has pet turtles!

Two paper turtles (tortoises, terrapins)