Dear Student Loan Company

So it seems the Student Loan Company no longer have some of my information, worryingly. Mainly the information about who can act on my behalf, and correspondence I’ve sent to them, so not too importa … oh. So in a recent letter it’s been pointed out that if I don’t get some information to the SLC as soon as possible my student loan repayments are going to boom from £68 to just under £300. I’ll be sending them at lunch time, but just so that they cannot ‘lose’ this information again (or worse, deny they had it at all) I wanted to be able to show it was available to them. Incidentally (related or not I don’t know) I can no longer access some of the old correspondence in the SLC’s own repayments website.

(The following letter has been censored for common sense purposes)

To whom it may concern at the Student Loan Company (particularly June H, Alan B and Kevin O),

As you can see from my hand-written letter (a copy of which will be held by X for future reference), I do not have access to a printer here.

My income details are the same as last year, which I was horrified to learn you no longer have on your system. Similarly I was shocked to find that X has been removed from acting on my behalf.

This letter is to act as a new letter of authority for her to act on my behalf. As you have requested, here are her details:
Name: X
Date of birth: XX XX XXXX
Relationship to me: X
Password: X

According to the instructions on Completing The Overseas Income Assessment form, she is now able to fill in the form on my behalf. The details of which should be:
National Insurance Number: No change
Date of birth: No change
Date left the UK: 30 July 2011
(Potential) Date resume UK residency: XX XX XXXX
Box A: Employed
Box C: Currency – Other – Japanese Yen
Total Earned income: XXX,XXX (gross) per month
Total Unearned income: 0 yen.
Signature of X and date.
(Please turn over)

My letter to the student loans company - page 1

My appointment at XXXXX is due to end on XX XX XXXX, though I will be looking for continued employment in Japan. I will be in touch then for re-assessment.

Though I won’t comment on the apparrantly rude attitude that was encountered through your call center (because I cannot confirm for certain what happened), I am concerned about the missing data I mentioned earlier. In the letter dated 18 March 2013, Kevin O wrote “You must keep all evidence of your income in order for us to do so”. Might I suggest you do the same thing.

Yours sincerely

Johnathan Darlington

Customer Reference Number: XXXXXXXXXXX

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