Sitting on the Dock of eBay – Please Share!

Don’t get the title pun? Listen to this …

How about now? Never mind.

So with my move to Japan just over I week away I’ve been trying to clear out as much of my stuff as I can. Over the weekend, eBay held two free listing days. Getting little sleep and not venturing out much (with the exception of going to a ‘Congrats on your engagement’ dinner), I spent most of the weekend photographing and describing 67 auctions worth of items.

Items range from games, to manga, to football memorabila and even a very funky pair of Soap Shoes! Some auctions have less than a day remaining, so please have a look through the items and share them with friends who may be interested. Thanks folks! All of the auctions can be seen here. ( )

2 thoughts on “Sitting on the Dock of eBay – Please Share!”

    1. Hi, unfortunately eBay deletes records that old so I don’t know if they sold or not. If they didn’t then they’d still be back in the UK … somewhere.

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