Road Trip – Day 8 – Leeds to J26 (M5)


After a final meal with friends in Charco’s in which I accidentally set off an explosion of ketchup, we were on our way. We had deviated from our original schedule so that we could see more people in Leeds, which meant that from here on in we were on borrowed time. Also owing to a scheduling cock-up on my part, my friend’s flight was a day earlier than anticipated. We booked no hotels or hostels, for the sake of the trip, we were staying in the car from here on in.

Milage from Leeds: 204,071 (That's 1,550 miles so far)

Having been in England and Scotland, we decided that going to Wales was an absolute necessity for us to complete a trip of mainland Great Britain. Time was against us though, so we headed to Denbighshire, a county I was (relatively) familiar with, though that didn’t stop me getting lost and stuck in heavy traffic twice.

Welsh? I think I'll stick with Japanese, it's much easier.

Staying on the coastal road we made our way to Prestatyn, where I used to work during the Summers (and will hopefully work again next year).

The Tower at Pontins, used for PGL activities.
The beach at Prestatyn. If only it hadn't chucked it down.

From here we went over to Rhyl, which is quite typical of a sea-side town (and where we used to go on holiday when I was a sprog (kid)). Timing was unfortunately against us, so following the Sat-Nav we headed back towards the M6.

Stopping at a few service stations along the way to eat, rest, and make use of various free internet points, I started to notice that it was getting quite late. However, with no hotels booked and no fatigue it meant that I could carry on going … and going … and going. Eventual, I pulled over at a roadside stop at junction 26 of the M5 for the night.

End milage: 204,430 (359 miles today)

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