Road Trip – Day Six – The Border to Leeds


Waking up to surprisingly good weather, we departed the border-based car park where we had slepted, and headed south.

Literally, we slept at the border.

My friend wanted to go to Hull to see some friends before going back to Japan, so we headed in that direction. It wasn’t a long drive as such, but did feel like a bit of a journey. On the way I saw a sign for Mother Shiptons Cave, somewhere I’d been wanting to visit for a while. So I decided after dropping my friend off in Hull I’d visit the cave before heading on to Leeds.

Mother Shiptons Cave and the Petrifying Well were great to see, and the walking area was great also. Again thanks to the geat weather, the village (town?) of Knaresborough also really gave a fantastic impression.

Sebastian chilling at the River Nidd
Don't fall into the weir!
Sebastian has a crack at climbing up some wood
Don't get too close, you might turn into stone too
Use this well to make a wish but let your hand dry naturally
The cave where Mother Shipton (Ursula Sontheil) was born
Having a rest next to petrifying waters
Sebastian appreciated hearing Mother Shiptons tales, though afterward she did holler 'Gerroff my land!'
They even petrified Poirot!
The River Nidd (again)
Can you spot him?
Knaresborough Castle was really something
and had some great views of the viaduct
Sebastian finds a cave of his own
The viaduct over the River Nidd
Yes, that's our car parked over there
A pub named after one of Mother Shipton's prophecies
The entrance to the park
If this bridge falls the world will end, apparently
Another Sebastian sized cave
Back in Leeds. Mileage: 204061

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