Road Trip – Day Three – Dundee to John O Groats

So I’ve made it back to Shropshire in one piece (though my back feels like it’s in four or five), and so it’s time to crack on with telling you about the trip.

Day Three – Dundee to John O Groats


Bloody good breakfast. Yum.

Starting Mileage: 203017

We left the hotel and headed north, stopping early along the way for a couple of pictures.
The Waterfront

That's a pretty long looking bridge.

Driving through the hills of Scotland really was quite fun. We had empty roads and great weather. Normally when I think of Scotland I just think of cold rainy weather, the complete opposite of what we had on day 3.
Not a soul for miles it seems

After passing through Inverness, we headed back down south a bit to Loch Ness, in hope of catching a glance of the famed Loch Ness Monster (do you remember The Family Ness cartoon?).
Welcome to Loch Ness

The Loch itself is a lot bigger than I’d anticipated, but it was good to drive along side it.
Sebastian hanging out by a waterfall that flows into the Loch

Is that a monster in the lake? Nah, it was just a boat.

As I expected Loch Ness contained a lot of tourist attractions. History of the Loch, information on expeditions, a very interesting set of toilets, free parking, and even something for the pets.
Nessy gives Rover a drink

An early (yellow) submarine

And of course, we found him.
Sebastian meets Nessy, the Loch Ness Monster

I think the reason so many people fail to find him is that he’s actually no longer living in the main lake, but a smaller lake right next to Loch Ness (and right next to a gift shop, coincidentally).
Sebastian finds a mini version of nearby Urquhart Castle

We left the beautiful Loch Ness and headed North. Far North. In fact, we went all the way north!
Sunset at Dunnet Head

We went right up to Dunnet Head, the most northern point of mainland Britain (though many think John O Groats holds that honour). It was quite late so we didn’t really see much, so after having a look at the nearby lighthouse we headed to the John O Groats Youth Hostel, where we were to stay the night. Coincidentally, we met another Japanese traveller.
It doesn't get anymore north than this (in mainland Britain anyway)

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