Road Trip – Day Two – Leeds to Dundee

First of all sorry that I’m late in updating about the trip. This is mainly due to the lack of internet available at places we’ve been staying, so I’m going to update you today. It’s currently Day 7, and we’ve had to make a few changes in the schedule, so for now please just enjoy the pictures and story I’ll be writing.

Day 2 – Leeds to Dundee


I left Leeds pretty early in the morning, about 1:30 I think. When I got to Leeds I was actually still wide awake. So after doing a few things online I headed off towards Scotland and pulled over to sleep in the car when fatigue struck.

Where I had breakfast.

The drive up north was pretty long, but I had some time to spare so I made sure to stop a few times.
Sebastian admires the cows of County Durham

Sebastian meets some Scottish sheep

I popped into Drumlanrig Castle which was on my route to Glasgow Airport, but I didn’t go in though (I didn’t have that much time) but took a picture from outside.
King of the Castle

The Bridge to Drumlanrig Castle

I arrived at Glasgow Airport (not to be confused with an apparent heliport that my shat-nav wanted to visit at first), with plenty of time to meet my friend. I had a few coins in my pocket so had a play on the fruit machines, making a profit on each one.
Glasgow Airport

From here we carried on towards Dundee, where we were staying at the West Park hotel. Venturing into the town center, we had dinner in Wetherspoons. It was here I tried haggis for the first time. For a food made of sheep bits cooked in other sheep bits, it was actually quite nice, although a tad spicy for me.
We got to meet Desperate Dan in Dundee

There was a wedding ceremony going on at the hotel, so for most of the night it was very noisy. The shower too I could only describe as ‘meh’. But that didn’t really matter, we were only there for one night.

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