Road Trip – Day One – Telford to Leeds


With a relatively full tank of petrol I turned out of my road enjoying a slightly jumpy tune on the CD player (thanks to a rather bumpy road), with Sebastian, my brothers’ travelling monkey, in the passenger seat.

Starting Mileage: 202521

To be honest, I was expecting day one to be a doddle, owing to the fact I’d done this drive between Telford and Leeds many times. I did forget about two little things though: traffic and weather.
Sebastian shows how he intends to drive while I sleep.

The M6 was (as usual) a mass of cars crawling along at slow speeds, but today it was met with horrendous weather. Cars were sliding, horns were blaring, and I didn’t particularly want to crack on with the motorway, so I left and had a crack at using the Sat-Nav (something I will end up reffering to in this blog as the ‘shat-nav’ I guarantee).
Though he may have a problem when it comes to reaching the pedals.

After circling around every part of Manchester a few times I finally made it back to the motorway. By now the weather had cleared up. Before arriving at my destination for the night I stopped in to Ikea for a couple of Hot-Dogs, gotta love em. It’s going to be a long drive up north to Glasgow tomorrow, so I’d better try and get to bed early (er than what I have been).
Mileage at the end of Day One: 202663

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