HUGE BEAR FOR SALE! O_O (edit: more photos)

Hey everyone, I’m selling a huge bear on eBay. Please tell your friends.

For Sale on eBay

5 Foot 8 Inch Tall “Bear Factory” Display Bear

Absolutely huge display bear from the Bear Factory chain of stores (formerly a part of Hamleys though now known as Build a Bear Workshop). This particular bear was from the Telford branch that I once worked at, and was given it after the last shift before the shop underwent its refit (and was no longer needed). It also went to the Telford MCM Anime, Manga, Comic and Sci-Fi Expo in September 2007 (you might be able to find some pictures of him online).

Don’t actually want to sell him, but I’m having to have a clear out to try and save some money for my final year University. Due to his size, if you walk into a room and unexpectedly see him you might get a bit startled (which can actually be quite funny when you have guests over). Hence why he can’t stay at home much longer. It would probably suit a kids bedroom that has a lot of other bears already, or somewhere where his smile can warm the room.

There are a couple of darker spots on his head from his time in the shop, and has spent a couple of months in an attic.

Due to his size (height = 68 inches (170cm), length & width = 22 inches (55cm)) and weight (around 12kg (1.89 stone)) this is an eBay item that won’t fit in the standard postman’s bag. I would highly recommend a local pick up (in which case pay on pick up will be fine), though if you’re in Telford (TF post code) I will probably be able to deliver this myself at no cost. Otherwise the buyer will have to arrange for a courier/delivery service etc. I will try to get some quotes in the next day or so and update the auction, though if you’re outside mainland UK I’m afraid you might be out of luck.

Don’t miss this chance to have a very rare (and very cute) bear for your collection, and please do feel free to ask any questions!

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  1. It as big as my sister and thats big for, even a teddy…..*LOL* She wants it but, we can’t get it…..I’ll spread the word on {ASMB}, FB and Twitter….There will be someone interested.

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