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Well I’ve finally finished it. Ish. The animation that I started over a year ago. The only thing I’m missing is sound, and I’m hoping that’s where you come in. I’m looking for a narrator to interact with Anna, the main character, while she learns a simple Japanese phrase. I don’t mind about the voice too much, as long as you’re clear and easy to listen to, but remember that this is in the style of a children’s show (though if Stephen Fry wanted to audition I’m sure he’d be perfect). As Anna’s learning a Japanese phrase, a basic knowledge of how to pronounce Japanese words (written in romanised text) would be helpful. I should also point out that Anna doesn’t physically speak, but uses text bubbles. So if you want to have a go, here’s what you need to do.

Record yourself following the audition lines below in MP3 format, and send them to me at darlo@darlosworld.co.uk. The audition deadline will be Saturday 10th October (6pm BST), so there’s still plenty of time.

Audition Lines:

  • Good morning Anna, are you ready to learn today?
  • Would you like to learn some Japanese?
  • Do you know any Japanese already? (Anna thinks, but doesn’t seem to know any) Oh I’m sure you know some Japanese words, let’s think really hard.
  • To say “I am Anna”, you say “Watashi wa Anna desu”.
  • (Anna get’s it wrong and laughs it off) Never mind, shall we try again?
  • Very good Anna well done … (stammers and get’s cut off as Anna recites a phrase of Japanese) oh Anna, now you’re just showing off, aren’t you.

Here’s the animation so you can get a feel for it. Don’t worry about timing the lines accordingly, as I will make adjustments to the timings.

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AUDITIONS RECEIVED (last updated 10th October 09)
Jason Phelps
R Wong
Jennifer Vaughn

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