The Result

The weekend gone by has been very weird. I’ve not had a need to study my arse off every day and have gone back to working on an animation I started over a year ago (ironically a learning Japanese one). I’ve also been helping to promote LSTV to the freshers to try and draw in some more members, all the while never knowing if I myself would be able to rejoin this year or not. We also had a mini-house party in which we ate a delicious pasta dinner and (finally) cracked open that bottle of Champagne Lloyds TSB tried to buy me off with (you might have to look back through the old blog for info on that). We also decided on a cleaning rota, and as luck would have it, I was first up. So after arriving home this afternoon I cracked right on with hoovering and mopping.

I then came online, and while listening to a song by Angela Aki, I noticed I had an email about my exam.

I passed.

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