And So It Begins

Classes started again at 9 o’clock this morning and man does it look like it’s going to be a buggar of a year … again. As far as Japanese language classes go it seems we’re all now together regardless of level; we were told we’d all come back and be roughly the same level. I was sitting next to someone who’d studied Japanese since school (and was in the higher class pre-japan) and behind someone who’d just been living there for 2 years. Not exactly on what I’d consider to be my level of play. I did receive some kind words from one teacher though who said that it appeared from my resit that I had been studying hard. True as this is, I still couldn’t learn my result other than ‘pass’.

I made a change in my modules this morning as a few new ones had been added onto the system since initial registration, dropping a 20 credit Japanese history module in favour of two 10 credit Japanese Economy/Management/Environment ones. On arrival to my environment class this afternoon, it seems that not many other students had thought about it either (I only found out about its existance on Friday) as I was the only student. After a short while we were joined by one more student, doubling the student population of the room. I’m intrigued to see how the class progresses from here.

On Saturday I had a rather fun time at a Jiu Jitsu “give-it-a-go” session, thanks to Leeds Uni Jiu Jitsu club. Tonight I’ll be heading over there again to see how I feel about it. I still want to try a few other clubs before I settle on a sports one (to add to Japan Soc, LSTV, Anime Soc and possibly LURPS).