Response to A Fair Comment

Yesterday a friend of mine who pop’s onto this (and on accaision the Japanese blog) made a fair comment. Why is it that the the Japanese blog is updated more often. So as a means of repeating what I said to him incase anyone reading this was wondering that too, I thought I’d answer in an exclusive English only blog.

If we take my latest entry to the other blog, 老若男女 (rounyaku nannyo, Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys & Girls), I spend the entry talking about how I went into a shop, saw a quirky book on sale and bought it. I then procede to comment on how all I seem to do at the moment is study.

The thing is unlike when I was in Japan where everyday was a mini adventure, right now I do spend about 80% of my waking day doing things that aren’t worth reading (let alone writing) about. Today for example, I woke up, ate some (own brand) Weetabix, studied, ate a lasagne, studied … which leads me up to now. Perhaps things will pick up again in a months time when my Japanese “do-or-die” exam has ended.

One of the main reasons I’ll still continue to write arbitrary faff on the Japanese blog is mainly for me to continue practicing. I have a regular couple of commenters there to spot me when I balls up, so it’s really helpful for me.

We’ve still not got internet at home yet, but that’s soon going to end now that we have a BT line coming in and O2 Broadband at under a tenner a month.

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