Living with no internet, or that is to say, very limited access to the internet is a real P.I.T.A (pain in the arse). Though I have been lucky in that the Uni’s Wi-Fi just reaches my house (sometimes, that is) it’s speed has been lacking a lot of lustre and not to mention there are some websites that are blocked from accessing on that connection. We’re looking into getting our own connection, just a matter of finding a decent provider at a decent price.

I managed to submit my ‘Year Abroad Report’ on time last week, and though I won’t put it up online for you all to view (mainly because if you look back through my blog you’ll be able to see everything anyway), the 2500 word limit meant I had to cut a lot of what I wanted to discuss from the report. Looking back over all the things I’d done (despite an even longer list of things I wanted to do) and all the people I’d met made me feel really nostalgic. This was especially hit home when I stared blu-tacking some of my photos on to the wall and chatting to a Japanese friend on Skype. It made me realise how I’d made Japan my home, and how, for the first time in my life, I was homesick.

So now I don’t (technically speaking) have to do anything until September (though I am re-studying what I balls’d up on for my re-test), I’ve been on the look out for a part time job. In the news there’s been a lot of information about graduates struggling to get into jobs, but what hasn’t been covered is the current students who are struggling to find part time jobs in order to stay alive during their time at Uni.

Seriously, last week I printed off 50 CVs and went into town. I only saw one place actively hiring anyone (a gents hairdresser looking for a full timer), but what really shocked me was the number of places that wouldn’t even take a copy of my CV. These shops told me they had either just taken on people, or had no intention of hiring in the foreseeable future. But come on, taking the CV gives me a glimmer of hope. Even though there’re no signs in the window and you could just as easilly bin it the moment I leave the store, giving a straight up ‘no’ is just irritating.

So I guess it’s down to pasta and meatballs and minimal pubbage so I don’t exhaust my penny jar before my next student loan payment … in September!

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