The First Box Commeth

So of all the boxes of stuff I sent home from Japan (about 8 boxes I think) the first one has finally arrived home. A heavy box filled with 54 books came this morning in a slightly damaged box. To be honest and fair though, I don’t think the damage was caused through neglecence or anything like that, but because the (cardboard) box was fill to the brim with hard and heavy books, splitting sides might have been innevitable. I’m a little worried about my future boxes now though. But the real story here is the shere speed at which they came. I sent this box back on the 24th of April and was told it’d be about three months before it got here (24th July). Considering today’s the 18th of June, not even two months since I posted it, I’m really happy. I’ll keep you updated on future deliveries.

I’ve also been contacted again by TenPin, but rather than keep making new posts I’ll just kee updating this one.

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