So … um … yeah

So I’ve been home a few days and it wasn’t until last night that I managed to actually see English night sky. Since landing I’d found myself getting tired around 7.30 to 8 ish, while it was still quite light out, and waking up naturally at about 7 o’clock the next morning. Quite nice really.

Um … not really much to talk about other than the fact that today I’ll be scouring the internet for a place to live next year. So if you’re in Leeds and have an extra room, get in touch.

Oh, I did have a hot in flight meal spilled on me on the plane by one staff member, but because it was an accident and the poor girl had clearly been having a really bad day I laughed the burningly warm sensation off rather than be “that guy”.

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  1. Hey Darlo! It’s really random that I came across your page! I’m also studying Japanese at leeds and am in my first year although almost finished now (just have my Japan Inside-Out exam!) and I am going to 神戸甲南大学 this september for my year abroad just like you! I was just looking on the portal and saw your housing ad but ended up clicking no your URL and here i am! It would be wicked to talk to you about Konan and Kobe and just Japan in general!! Do you have msn or facebook at all? My email address is: :]

    Hope to hear from you! And when I have more time will definitely read more of your blog (only read a few of the recent ones so far!)

    1. Hey Jayson,
      it’s quite strange how coincidences work and how small the world can be eh. Anywho, I’ve just added you to MSN (I don’t facebook anymore), so I’ll be happy to chat about Konan and Japan.

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