The Last Class

So today was my last class on Konan University’s year in Japan program. That is to say that the class took place, and had I not overslept until just after 1 o’clock this afternoon when the class started, I would have been a part of it. There’s a farewell party on Friday in which we’re expected to dress up formally. In my case that’s just wearing my 一期一会 (ichi go ichi e, one life one meeting) t-shirt.

Even though packing and sending stuff home has been going slowly, I received word today that the first package, a doll I bought in Kanazawa, has made it to the UK. When I sent it I was told it’d take 3 months to get there (using the cheapest way possible), but it arrived in just under 2 months. Not too bad. I still have a few things I want to send back before I go, but I was really thankful to read that Emirates have increased their baggage allowances from 20kg to 30kg for Economy customers.

Though possibly a little late for it to benefit me while here, I have started a Japanese section of this site at It’s not going to replicate what I have on here, in fact the style is a complete contrast altogether, but it’s mainly there to help me use Japanese on a regular basis.

Speaking of which I had my Japanese mark from Konan back today. Overall I got an 84%, a very good mark for me. Also by some miracle I managed to score 100% on the reading comprehension test. Too bad this is going to completely contrast the mark I get from Leeds for this year. Oh well ^_^.

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