Love Hina Syndrome – Destroy Your Eyeballs Studying

After finishing up my page of kanji, vocab and grammar for the day, taking my total to 109 items in two days (what I thought was an impressive amount until that idea got thoroughly shat on when a couple of friends told me they’d done between 15 and 18 chapters in one day, between 237 and 283 items), I headed to the shop to get some fruit and stopped off at McDonalds for dinner.

However something around me seemed to be very funny and slightly off. Everything was surrounded in a very soft blur and I noticed I would very easily lose focus. Now this is something I’m used to when eating (thanks to my wonderful lazy left eye), but to notice it when I was just walking along was a little strange.

Could it be possible that all this last minute effort has given me (or has begun to give me) “Love Hina Syndrome”? For those that don’t know Love Hina is an anime & manga in which the main character, Keitaro Urashima, is trying to get into Tokyo University. Various aspects of his character I’ve been able to relate to since first encountering the series such as the duration it takes him to get into University as opposed to normal, the fact that he works with just girls (something that I encountered during my time at The Bear Factory) in a Japanese dorm (like me now … only this isn’t an all girls dorm), and now it seems I’ve may have studied too hard and destroyed my eyes. Well, my right eye anyway. Ol’ lefty was always crap.

I’ll see how I get on, but if you start to notice these blog entries looking like someone’s just been smushing a fist against the keyboard, then that’s the time to worry.

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