Volcano Errupted in Japan? O_o

So I’ve just had an interesting MSN message from the family back in the UK to make sure that I’m still alive and well. Apparently a volcano had errupted somewhere in Japan this morning. After checking on a few news websites (aka typing volcano eruption Japan into google) it turns out that Mount Asama went off at about ten to two this morning. Being no where near it and not watching TV today, I had zero clue that it even happened, oh well.

I contacted some of my other friends throughout the country, and again they had no clue about it. Is it possible that no one in Japan knew about it?

In other world news there’s been a hell’ova’lotta snow back in the UK, and in the States porno was shown instead of the SuperBowl. Obviously with events such as Janet Jackson, it’s clear to say out of the two heavy snow in Britain is a much rarer event.

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