A New Start

Well here it is, the new WordPress version of Darlo’s World. Like I said in the last entry I thought about changing the site this way and can say it’s definately going to make updating and adjusting things easier. Worry not though, while I move things over to this new version, you can find the old stuff right here or by clicking the link on the top bar. Anyway, on with the show.

Today is 成人の日(seijinnohi – Coming of Age Day) in Japan, an event celebrated on the second monday of the year. It is a day that celebrates people who have turned 20 years old, as 20 is seen as the year of becoming an adult; at 20 you can drink, smoke and vote. Unfortunately for me not only did I miss this by 4 years (diddums there, oh well) but it meant we didn’t get food again.

On that note, I’m off to Matsuya.

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