Darlo, the Hikikomori and the Halfbeard

This isn’t going to be much of an adventurous entry like some of my previous ones. Reason because I’ve barely left my room. Unintentionally (mainly due to the cold weather, a lack of money, and generally not really wanting to go anywhere), I have been experiencing a bit of a Hikikomori lifestyle. The only exceptions being where I popped to the shop to stock up on orange juice, and going down for meals (of which there was non yesterday and because of New Years there won’t be for a few days).

It’s had it’s high parts. Because of the cold I had I really think staying inside in the warm has helped me on the road to recovery, and what used to be a succession of snot filled sneezes has died down to a sniffle. Likewise I have saved a lot of money by not venturing out into the world, as I discovered it’s very hard to actually go anywhere and not spend anything … unless you’re very boring (ironic yes). I’ve also managed to make a dent in my essay which is due for Leeds, stopping just short of the half-way mark before i felt a sudden urge to stare at a strange mark on my ceiling. On the scope of studying I did also manage to put a dent into the kanji we’re going to be tested on in the first week back. This again came to a hault when I stumbled across a chocolate bar I hadn’t seen in a few weeks. Artwise as well I managed to put a start on the Lotaku project, but soon stopped. Why I’m not sure.

It seems the majority of the low parts of my shut-in lifestyle consist of me quickly growing bored of whatever I’m doing and getting a desire to do what could be considered even more mundane. Right now whilst writing this entry I’m also playing a game over poker online (not gambling of course, that’s illegal here). Not to mention of course, my sleep pattern. It’s been well documented that my sleep pattern is as smooth as 80 year old skin, but this last couple of days I’ve been going from the dead-tired to the super energetic in an eye blink. I didn’t sleep last night, going to bed at around 10 o’clock this morning, getting up about half an hour ago.

Remember a few entries ago (scroll-down if you don’t), I said I was considering doing the half-beard? Well, guess what I did!

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