10 Minute Hair Cut

Yesterday, after shaving the remainder of my beard some eight hours and several weird glances later, I headed off to the shop in search of munchies for today. Once again I let my eyes guide as I wandered down a new road and a new shopping area. I grabbed a few supplies and headed back home.

Breakfast (aka lunch) was at a place down the road called Matsuya. I’d been wanting to try the food their for a while, so today was the perfect opportunity. Buying food is quite simple. You go in, head to the vending machine, and buy a ticket for what you want. You then grab a seat and give your ticket to a member of staff. Just after I’d got settled (put my coat away) my food was ready and waiting. Seriously, it was fast! I ordered the Curry Rice, no shock there, and it did taste good. However I still hold out that the best curry rice I’ve had so far was when I went to Higurashi.

I made plans to get a hair cut today, thus completing my head shaving for a while. We went to QB House in Nishinomiya Gardens, the place that cuts your hair for 1000 yen in 10 minutes. Needless to say we were somewhats worried by the fact that they advertise by giving away plasters. Put two and two together and you wander what they sacrifice in order to make it in ten minutes. Ears?

Truth is QB House gave me an awesome hair cut in record time. Yeah it wasn’t an adventurous style, just my usual head-shave, but I was still amazed. The location was clean, equipment kept sterile, staff friendly … for what I wanted, everything was perfect. Oddly enough this was another location where a vending machine was used to take payment rather than a staff member. I’d definately recommend QB to anyone needing a quick cut, my friends took a mere 8 minutes. I didn’t time mine, but it was definately fast.

Tonight we’re off to a Japanese night club. We’ll let you know how that works out.

Oh, I’ve also updated various missing sections of the site, such as the manga and comics section and the Olde Darlonian Sayings. Feel free to nose around a bit ^_^.

I’ll leave you with a clip from an awesome Japanese prank show.