The Famous ‘Top yerself’ Cliffs – Tojinbo

So after my balls up with a pair of slippers and a very nice meal, we walked up to the Eihiji Temple. Fukui Prefecture’s Eihiji Temple is, according to the brochure I picked up, the “temple of eternal peace”. Well even though it had noise from tourists, of which we were not the only ones, it was a truly peaceful place. So peaceful in fact that while we were there a funeral service was also in progress. Hopefully our presence did not disturb it.

From here we travelled up to the Tojinbo cliffs. These cliffs are of a unique geographical feature, shared only with a cliff range in Norway and one in Korea, where it’s natural columns are of a hexagonal and pentagonal shape. If Wikipedia is to be believed, it is also a popular spot for suicides. Apparantly as many as 25 people a year jump from the cliffs every year. Thankfully no one felt a need to end it all on that day. We had a boat ride at the bottom of the cliffs and saw an awesome sunset. Once again I was thankful that no one fell it the water; not that I mind everyone’s safety and well being, but we were already quite late compared to the schedule (I don’t like being late).

Arriving at the hotel and being given our meal allowance, conversations could be overheard about where people would want to eat out that night. Apparently Kanazawa’s famous for it’s fish and people were talking about various places that were about. As usual I seemed to have a different idea from most about the meaning of the word ‘cheap’. I know I’m here to try as many things as possible, but come on, I don’t want to pay 30 quid for a fish … a fish that I probably wouldn’t eat the entire thing of at that! The next day we were meant to go to a garden area and castle park, so I thought I’d take a walk there, even though is was now dark, and eat at a cheap food place I would hopefully find along the way.

Sorry to cut short again, but fatigue strikes once more. I’ll try to catch up on this over the weekend probably.

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