Irritating Mango Loving Buggar

I’ve got to make this a short blog tonight as I’ve got a fair bit of stuff to do; revise for a kanji quiz, homework, shower and of course start packing. Officially I move on Saturday, but my new room in Kita-Umeda has become ready so I can at least start shifting stuff.

So yesterday was pretty cool. After a nice lie-in I met up with a couple of friends at Uni and proceded to tackle the last day of the school fayre. As usual we dove head on into the aggressive sellers, only this time we were accompanied by our old English friend … rain. Not only was this the day that I’d left my brolly at home, but it was also the day that I’d decided not to bring in my washing that was hanging out.


Growing weary of the fayre, and full of random food (including a fried potato coated in some kind of sauce (name forgotton >_<) and yakitori (skewered chicken)) we decided to head to karaoke for a couple of hours, and then afterwards head to Sushiro, a sushi restaurant where food is on conveyor belts.

Karaoke was great fun, as is the norm. We booked two hours, and since there were only three of us, we tried a lot of songs that we’d never done before. For example I took a shot at Nantoka Nare and Hito Toshite Jiku ga Bureteiru amongst others.

Needing to kill some time before heading to the restaurant, we took a trip to Nishinomiya Kitaguchi. Not really much happened here, as I said we were mainly killing time. So forgive me while we skip on ahead.

One thing I will draw back to is my introduction to an anime series that’s … odd. Oruchuban Ebichu was introduced to me by one of my fellow foreigners and despite it’s general crude, animal abusing, blood-dripping, sex filled content, I found it to be quite funny. Possibly because of the fact that it’s cute appearance is a tremendous contrast to what is actually happening.

I’m not going to ruin it by telling you what goes on (I have a feeling your curiosity will have got the better of you by now anyway), but I will explain that there is a long running joke throughout the series where a certain word is used. I’m not going to say what the word is nor will I write down it’s English quivalent, so I’ll use an English word it is similar to … Mango.

The reason I explain this will come to light shortly.

The restaurant was really nice, and a very relaxing place. On our arrival it was almost empty, giving us a good 4 seater area (one seat had all our stuff). There are two methods of getting food at Sushiro, both very easy. The first method is to sit there and watch all the different foods go by on the conveyor belt next to your table, then grab whatever you want. Alternatively you can press the call button on the table and order something. This itself comes on the conveyor belt on a marked dish so that no one can grab your goodies before it gets to you. If you order it you do need to be able to do it in Japanese; I know I said both methods were easy, but I think that pushing a button does indeed fall into that easy category.

As most of the plates were 105 yen each (and by that I mean I hardly saw any that were any more than that … maybe one or two), not only was it an inexpensive way to try lots of different styles of food you’d not normally get to try, it was also very easy to keep track of your spending. After chowing down on a plate’s food you stack it at the end of the table. If you’re with a group and want to pay seperately, you just have to stack your plates individually. Feeling full at 7 plates I called it a day. Don’t get me wrong, the plates are not massive, like our dinner plates back home, but 7 plates more than qualified as a good meal.

But why bring up Mango? Well, when the food comes down on the conveyor belt there is (normally) a sign in front of it saying what it is. At numerous times throughout the night a mango pudding came around (an ACTUAL mango pudding). Seeing the sign for this had us in stitches, and many bad jokes about mangoes were told, including how we’d always munch on a mango during the summer!

Last night whilst on the internet I noticed something. Staring at an empty beer can I took a piece of crappy plastic and starting hitting the two together. Unsurprisingly it made a noise. I then took the plastic, put it between my fingers and started swirling it like a mini electric-fan. The beer can was then introduced to this whirlingness and a continuous clacking sound came about. Yeah, once again no big surprise. However, then cogs in my head started whirring, and I started to remember being young, making similar annoyingly noisy things.

From when I was a kid I’d remember annoying the hell out of people by constantly doing things that I’d just learned, practicing it and getting it down to a tea … before getting told off for being an irritating buggar. Anyway, it came to me that i could perhaps use this inspiration in learning my grammar and use whatever grammar point learned as much as I possibly could.

That’s what I did today.

Yes, I was annoying, yes I wasn’t making much sense to the context of conversations, and yes I did confuse many Japanese people (and some of the upper-group exhange students). However, yes I was remembering the grammar, yes I learned how to use it better from friends correcting me, and yes it was funny for all of us.

Here’s an example of the kind of thing I was doing:

Person A: “I went shopping at the weekend and it was fun.”
Darlo: “So in other words, you mean to say that apples are delicious.”
Person A: “Um … well, we did buy apples yes. And after that we went to the cinema.”
Darlo: “So in other words, you mean to say that Person B has become better at playing tennis.”
Person A: ” …… “