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Ok, first to let you know that yes I have quit Facebook. It’s new design is awful (I know I’m not one to talk when it comes to site designs), there’re way too many pointless applications, it’s slow and the site is now horrendously tricky to navigate. From the moment the new layout was announced and made available I’d said that I would quit if and when it was made obligatory. It has, so I have. I’ve just left a note on my profile saying if you want me, just come here (Darlo’s World, not Japan). Now that all of the major social networking sites are pretty much the same, I say “Sod it” to them all, and be on my way.

Now back to Japan, I’ve put my list of things I want to do/see whilst I’m here on the site. Either click here or click on the When In Japan link on the left bar. If there’s anything on there that you want to know why, or want more details about, when please email me and I’ll put more information up. Likewise if you think of anything you think I might like to do, then get in touch.

So far I’ve been told by two Japanese people that I look like Thierry Henry and Lewis Hamilton. It should also be noted that they were wearing glasses.

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